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An Inventory and Assessment of Data Requirements for the Development of a Coes Pond Watershed Management Plan 2015 WPI IQP report by Alex Venditti,Brian Flynn,Edward Giles,Ryan Loucks. Utilizing local and state resources, the authors built and analyzed an inventory of physical documents from stakeholders, and data layers from MassGIS archives, focusing on what data are available, and what remain to be collected, in order to support the task force. The results from this project can be used to assist the Coes Zone Task Force, and other organizations and individuals, in their goal to revitalize Coes Pond, and its encompassing watershed. https://web.wpi.edu/Pubs/E-project/Available/E-project-060115-111320/unrestricted/An_Inventory_and_Assessment_of_Data_Requirements_for_the_development_of_a_Coes_Pond_Watershed_Management_Plan.pdf

Coes Pond Stormwater Management 2015 WPI MQP report by Adam Weis Brendan Kling. The goal of this project was to determine stormwater and nutrient loadings and design a best management practice (BMP) to reduce the spread of harmful invasive plant species within Coes Pond. This project involved sampling of stormwater outfalls around Coes Pond and modeling of stormwater and nutrient loadings using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and hydrologic software. These steps culminated in the design of a rain garden to reduce nutrient loadings entering Coes Pond. https://web.wpi.edu/Pubs/E-project/Available/E-project-042617-131200/unrestricted/Coes_Stormwater_MQP_BK_AW_CP17.pdf

A Common Ground for Coes Pond 2015 WPI Project looking at public perception of Coes Reservoir https://web.wpi.edu/Images/CMS/Firstyear/A_Common_Ground_for_Coes_Pond.pdf

City of Worcester Recreational Waters This page provides lots of useful information about the city’s efforts to improve water quality and promote use of the city’s recreational waters: http://www.worcesterma.gov/water-sewer/recreational-waters

Parking Lot Stormwater Runoff Research and Best Management Practices This presentation discusses problems from stormwater runoff and some methods to abate associated pollutants

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