Algae Treatment at Coes Reservoir July 23

The City of Worcester Department of Public Works & Parks has contracted for the application of copper sulfate to Indian Lake and Coes Reservoir on Thursday, July 23, 2020. The City advises all persons to stay out of the water, discontinue boat use and fishing and keep their pets out of the water on this day. Beaches will be posted prior to the application. It is planned to reopen the lakes the following day.

Copper sulfate is a safe and effective way to control the growth of harmful, toxin-producing algae. The application of copper sulfate is a common practice to maintain a healthy lake and poses minimal risk to humans and animals after application is complete. The application is coordinated with the Indian Lake and Tatnuck Brook Watershed Associations and has been approved by the Worcester Conservation Commission.

Check out this Blue Space Minute that provides info on Blue Green Algae:

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