TBWA Joins Collaborative Effort to Seek MET Grant

We all know water quality is important to people but what about the fish?

We are excited to be collaborating with the City of Worcester Lakes and Ponds Division, the  Indian Lake Watershed Association and Lake Quinsigamond Watershed Association to apply for the Massachusetts’ Environmental Trust’s FY21 Drive for a Better Environment Grant Program. This program presents an important opportunity to fund projects that protect endangered marine animals, and activities that restore and improve critical aquatic ecosystems. We feel this project is an ideal candidate for funding as it focuses on identifying water quality challenges that are directly impacting local fisheries; evaluating management solutions to improve and protect fish habitat; promotes fishing and environmental stewardship throughout the region and provides opportunities to engage residents from all walks of life.

Once the grant has been submitted, we will need your help in collecting data about your fishing experiences through the use of an online survey. It will be really important to encourage friends, neighbors and angler groups to also participate so we get as much information as possible to lay the groundwork for the project. 

This survey will be coming out very soon and time will be of the essence. Please watch for it and think about your favorite fishing enthusiasts you can share it with. 

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