Upcoming Events

December TBWA Meeting

Our December meeting will be held on Wednesday, Dec. 4th at 6:30pm at Blessed Sacrament Church at 551 Pleasant Street. We’ll be meeting in the church hall (called the Phelan Center) which is located behind the church.  Our meeting is scheduled in the St. Charles Room on the first floor. There is plenty of off-street parking in the lot next to the Phelan Center.

Also happening on Wed. Dec. 4th is Worcester’s Open Space and Recreation Plan meeting  at 6:30 PM at Beaver Brook Park, 9 Mann St. These meetings are held only every 7 years so it is important that people show up and speak up about what they want to see included in the plan.  There are 2 additional meetings

December 11th – 6:30pm – District 4 – Crompton Park – 50 Canton Street

December 18th – 6:30pm – District 1 – Bancroft School (fieldhouse) – 110 Shore Drive

More information and a survey can be found here: https://www.worcesteropenspace.com/