TBWA Meeting information

2020 Meetings

Next TWBA meeting will be on Wednesday, June 3rd. Jacquelyn Burmeister will present her “State of Lakes” presentation focused on the Tatnuck Brook Watershed. We will have a virtual meeting via Zoom; details will be provided by e mail to memebers. If you are not on our e-mail list and would like to be, please let us know through our contact tab: https://tatnuckbrook.org/about-tbwa/

TBWA met virtually in April. Many of our activities are postponed, until we can go ahead safely in accordance with state guidelines on Covid-19. For TBWA this includes water quality sampling project, and stormdrain stenciling. The REC Annual Earth Day cleanup, which we usually participate in, has been cancelled.

Cook’s Water Quality Committee made a presentation to the Cook’s Club Membership and provided a proposal for managing the invasive species that are found in Cook’s Pond. They are waiting for final approval of their plan to contract with a company to treat fanwort this summer

In early May, the City will resume water sampling at Coes Reservoir and the other bodies of water that the City monitors. There will be an online training session for the Worcester Cyanobacteria Monitoring Collaborative on Wednesday, April 22nd at 5:45pm. More info here

The City of Worcester will be contracting with Solitude to do mechanical harvesting of water chestnut at Coes Reservoir this summer and will follow up with a Clearcast treatment where needed. Jacquelyn also anticipates that, if possible, hand-pulling by volunteers will be beneficial to prevent the spread of water chestnut. The systemic herbicide that was applied last year to treat the invasive fanwort and milfoil plants should control those plants this summer.

We will learn in May if the Massachusetts Environmental Trust grant identifying water quality challenges that are directly impacting local fisheries that Jaquelyn submitted in conjunction with the watershed associations has been funded. Please ask any anglers you know to take a minute to complete a short survey about fishing at http://www.worcesterma.gov/water-sewer/recreational-waters