September meeting notes

Update and discussion about non-profit status  

  • Pro’s and con’s of pursuing non-profit status were discussed.  One of the goals of the TBWA is to provide education and outreach related to watershed issues for the local community but that doesn’t necessarily require non-profit status. It was agreed that we should get additional information before making our decision. 
  • Info was shared about area businesses that make donations to local organizations with non-profit status.

Promotional materials

  • Pat and Mary Beth will work on creating a pamphlet that we can use to explain what TBWA is and how to get involved. If we decide to get non-profit status, the pamphlet could be used to solicit membership dues.

Storm drain painting project

  • There is interest in installing signage on storm drains to create awareness by identifying what body of water they drain to.
  • A City of Worcester Sewer dept. engineer is available to work with us to customize signage and deploy 
  • Pat will follow up with WSU professor about getting involved with efforts to bring the “watershed” curriculum to Columbus Park School this year

Plans for work to repair the Coes Reservoir spillway this fall

  • Request for bids will be sent out soon 
  • Work will probably happen in mid-to-late October
  • This project had nothing to do with the emergency drawdown that happened on 9/6-9/9 in response to threat of hurricane bringing significant rain to the area

Update on Coes Reservoir invasive species treatment

  • On Aug 21st, the 2nd planned herbicide treatment to control fanwort and milfoil was applied
  • Also the ClearCast herbicide was applied to deal with remaining water chestnut plants
  • Due to the herbicide treatments, no drawdown is planned for this winter.  The effectiveness of the drawdown in controlling milfoil was also questioned. 
  • Plans for next summer’s treatment will include mechanical harvesting, application of the ClearCast herbicide and coordinated hand pulling efforts.
  • The fanwort and milfoil treatments that were applied this summer should last for several years

Updates from Friends of Patch Reservoir

  • ClearCast treatment seems to be positively affecting some of the water chestnut plants
  • Planning to celebrate the impressive $32k that was raised this past year with a gathering in Oct – plans still being developed
  • 9/21st scavenger hunt

Updates from Cook’s Pond Club

  • Dan Giza is new president of Cook’s Pond Club
  • Continuing efforts to evaluate needs and develop plans for fundraising, etc.

Watershed map

  • There was a discussion that it would be helpful to have a good map of Tatnuck Brook watershed
  • Jacquelyn will see if she can get one for us from the City’s mapping program

Next meeting:

  • Wednesday, Oct. 2nd at 6:30pm in Stearns Tavern at Coes Park