August 7 meeting notes

Below are the minutes from our August 7th meeting. Our next meeting will be Wednesday, Sept. 4th.

– Discussion of this year’s invasive aquatic plant management and water quality efforts at Coes Reservoir. 

  • The City provided information about this summer’s efforts to manage invasive aquatic species at Coes Reservoir.
    • The Sonar treatment was effective in controlling the milfoil and fanwort. Mechanical harvesting efforts for the water chestnut were mixed. Solitude (the company that was hired to manage the ponds/lakes in Worcester) has agreed to treat the water chestnuts with Clear Cast in an effort to eliminate the remaining plants before their seeds drop.
  • About 20 people helped out on August 3 rd to hand pull water chestnut plants to supplement the work of the mechanical harvester. It’s hard to estimate how much was removed from the water. Everyone’s efforts are greatly appreciated.
  • Water quality testing conducted this summer showed an an increase in cyanobacteria cells. A copper sulfate treatment applied was effective, and the levels dropped.

– Update from Friends of Patch Reservoir

  •  A Clear Cast treatment was applied last week on the water chestnut plants at Patch Reservoir. It takes a few weeks for it to take effect so it’s too early to know if it is effective.
  • A Scavenger Hunt is planned for September 21st to highlight the new walking paths and see the beauty of Patch.
  • A celebration/fundraiser is being planned in October. Stay tuned for more info.

– Update from Cooks Pond Club

  • Six water chestnut plants were found (and removed) at Cook’s Pond which is unfortunate since they haven’t had a problem with them in the past. They will continue to look for and remove water chestnut to prevent them from spreading.
  • Discussions continue related to fundraising and how to best manage the invasive plant species that they have at Cooks

– Treasurer’s report

  • We currently have $1702 in our account that is held by the Greater Worcester Community Foundation
  • Funds under the name of Coes Pond Watershed Association, the predecessor of the TBWA, have been identified in the State of Massachusetts “unclaimed property” system. Efforts are underway to reach former officers who are needed in order to claim the funds.

– Collection of dues

  • People attending the meeting expressed interest in re-establishing the collection of dues. Since we would need to re-establish our nonprofit status. Officers will look into how much that would cost so we can evaluate if it makes sense to pursue.

– Potential projects for fall/winter:

  • Focus on education efforts such as stenciling and signage at storm drains with possible involvement of teachers and school children from local schools
  • Plan ongoing efforts to augment mechanical harvesting of water chestnut with hand pulling at Coes Reservoir

– Location of future meetings

There was a consensus that we need to find locations that provide dedicated space to hold meetings.