June 5 meeting notes

Below is a summary of the June 5, 2019 Tatnuck Brook Watershed Association meeting which took place at the IBEW Union Hall on Mill Street with approximately 25 people in attendance.

Phil Niddrie, from the City of Worcester Department of Economic Development, provided an overview of the progress that has been made on Stearns Tavern. The work is approximately 90% completed. It is hoped that the building which will be managed and staffed by the Seven Hills Foundation will open later this summer. Once completed, it will have a cafe and meeting rooms that will be available for community meetings. The renovation of the building is an extraordinary public/private partnership with over $1M in donations of equipment, materials and labor.

Jacquelyn Burmeister provided an overview of the water quality monitoring efforts at Coes Reservoir from her State of the Lakes presentation. A copy of her report about Coes Reservoir, as well as the reports for the other bodies of water that are included in the city’s water quality monitoring program can be found at: http://www.worcesterma.gov/water-sewer/recreational-waters. Jacquelyn shared information about the treatments that the city has planned this summer. Coes Reservoir now has a significant problem with 3 invasive species: fanwort, milfoil and water chestnut. The city will be administering a contact herbacide that should treat the fanwort and milfoil and if it follows what happened last summer, it should also treat the water chestnut. If not, mechanical harvesting is planned. Regular testing for cyanobacteria will also be conducted. If levels rise, the city may apply an algaecide treatment. This summer the city is hoping to learn more about the conditions in which cyanobacteria thrive and get a better understanding of how to treat fanwort. Jacquelyn also reported that the extended drawdown at Coes Reservoir this spring was the result of work needed to assess erosion in the spillway area. The work to address the issue will be conducted in the fall.

After these presentations, the business portion of the meeting commenced.
The following Board of Directors was elected: Pat Austin, John Ferrarone, Mary Beth Harrity, Carolyn Howe, Peg Kirby, Ed McKeon, Cathie Ricci and Shoshana Zaritt.
Next the following officers were elected from the Board of Directors:
Pat Austin, President
Ed McKeon, Vice President
John Ferrarone, Treasurer
Mary Beth Harrity, Secretary
Now that the Board of Directors and Officers have been elected, it was agreed that TBWA should investigate re-establishing its non-profit status.
A motion was made and passed to donate $1,700 to the Friends of Patch Reservoir to contribute to their efforts to raise funds to pay for invasive aquatic weed treatments at Patch Reservoir. Everyone was in agreement that since we’re all in the same watershed, their efforts will contribute to the overall health of the watershed.

Next meeting: We will not meet in July. The next TBWA meeting will be Wednesday, August 7th at 6:30pm. The location is TBD.