4/3/19 TBWA Meeting Minutes

  • Updating our web presence was discussed. 
  • We discussed the lack of formal structure of the TBWA.  This has not impeded our ability to meet on a regular basis and engage in educational and advocacy efforts but there may be activities and fund-raising opportunities that would benefit from a more formal structure, including “officers,” by-laws and membership status, etc. This topic will be discussed at our next meeting.
  • City of Worcester Senior Environmental Analyst provided an update on the water treatment plan for Coes Reservoir this summer.  Due to the rapid growth of fanwort, the treatment will include the application of a herbicide as well as mechanical harvesting of the water chestnut.
  • Members of TBWA and other watershed associations attended a meeting with the Friends of Institute Park on March 18th to discuss efforts to combine resources to seek federal and state funds.  The Friends of Institute Park are primarily interested in seeking funds to cover dredging of Salisbury Pond. It was noted that dredging may not be a viable option for all bodies of water. The group will meet again to further explore opportunities to develop a coordinated plan.
  • Friends of Patch Reservoir provided an update on their efforts to raise funds to hire a company to treat their invasive aquatic species, primarily water chestnut, fanwort and milfoil.  They have made impressive progress toward raising the funds needed for treatments this summer. 
  • Cook’s Pond Club reported that they are filing a “notice of intent” for pond management at the April 22nd meeting of the Worcester Conservation Commission. They are exploring quotes from more than one company. 
  • The Monkey Wrench Aquathlon which is being organized by the CoesZone Task Force is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 7th. The event will include swimming and a road race. Efforts are underway to identify companies and organizations interested in sponsoring the event. 

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